Alternate and Customizable Tours


My basic rate for my van and my services is $120/hour, minimum 3 hours 

Whatever you want to do, I can put together a plan for your day in Skagway.

If you have a theme, or you’re traveling with old friends with shared memories, I can put together a selection of your favorite music to enjoy. If you want to hike, we can hike! I know many beautiful places we can explore, with NOBODY ELSE BESIDES YOU!

I can take you to a couple of spots that are virtually never seen by visitors, where you will feel far, far away from the digital world, and the 24 hour news cycle.



There are several establishments both in Skagway, and in Carcross, Yukon, that will prepare a nice picnic lunch for us. Then, we take it someplace amazing, and…EAT IT!

Depending on the weather, I can find a spectacular place to enjoy our picnic. Bonus feature, very few ANTS!

$120/hour , minimum 5 hours

the "TIE DYE" tour


This is a fun tour, totally free form. During the booking process, we’ll figure out your favorite music for your day. I’ll have playlists made, or we can just put everything on shuffle. We all wear our best tie dye, cool sunglasses (for super-coolness, we’ll wear our mirrored contact lenses!), and talk about the good old days, concert tours, and fun stories. Maybe I can even find a black light bulb for the dome light, let's be creative!

We can take a couple of little hikes, find some beautiful alpine pools, whatever we want to do, because we’re wearing TIE DYE!

Bring your drum, bang the tambourine, enjoy the amazing, jaw-dropping natural beauty of this place. Breathe the amazing, sweet, pure air of the North, which is what I miss most when I’m away.

$120/hour , minimum 3 hours

the "TAKE A HIKE" tour


This area is an absolute paradise for hiking. We can hit 3-4 of my favorite spots, which will vary depending on the weather you choose to bring with you.

I’ve found that when it’s a beautiful sunny day, one of my guests will inevitably say:


So, apparently, it’s up to you in terms of what weather you bring with you.

$120/hour , minimum 5 hours



I’ve been a guide for a long time. I’ve taken literally tens of thousands of guests on tour, and that’s not an exaggeration. Sometimes it seems that guests don’t want to really hear about much of anything, and prefer to talk amongst one another, and about one another, and enjoy the amazing scenery. So, this is tour guide’s “dream” tour, where I am essentially a chauffeur. I’ll even wear a special hat, maybe some gold braid. Bring your Bluetooth device, I have a nice stereo!

$120/hour, minimum 3 hours



Having traveled quite extensively, and being multi-lingual, I have pretty extensive files (stored in my HeadCloud) about a lot of widely-varying topics. I’m a big history nerd too, which is good for a Tour Guide. 

On the Trivia Tour, it’s solid questions and information swapping. On the South Klondike Highway, there is almost no cell coverage, so we can only Google in a couple of places. It’s fun to come up with stuff that nobody in the van knows for sure, then we can figure out whatever it is, when we get to a spot with coverage.

This is an interactive tour, I will answer, or try to answer, all questions, but beware, because I will ASK questions too.

$120/hour , minimum 3 hours

the "Honey Badger" tour

For those who know, this tour needs no explanation. The Honey Badger likes to dig, enjoys running backwards, is immune to cobra venom, and has no problem entering a nest of bees.

What's for lunch?

we will do our best to find out. 

$119.98/hour minimum 3.2 hours